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Holiday Events In Portland/Vancouver

Thought I would post this wonderful site I located. It list many holiday activities

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Welcome to What’s The Drone-Vancouver

I hope that you will visit often, I will be posting subjects that are of interest to me, and I hope that you will enjoy my topics. I am an avid crafter and have many years of experience in many different types of crafts. I am always on the lookout for some bargain at the thrift shops to turn into something crafty. I collect things that just might come in handy someday. I have owned my owned ceramic studio and have done ceramic parties to go. I have since retired from that, but still love ceramics. I love to sew but usually keep my sewing projects to crafty type items. Through the years I did make my kids a few Halloween costumes and i almost finished a skirt I was making for myself. My last sewing project was very special, cause I ended up making 50 kleenex holders for my daughters Bridal shower along with her garter belt. I used the lace off my wedding dress that is over 30 years old. It turned out beautiful and she was very happy. So yes I do like to sew, but I like the thrill of new things also. I am overwhelmed by all the stuff that my local craft store has. If only I was a millionaire!

I live in the the beautiful city of Vancouver in the state of Washington. I am surrounded by beauty everywhere. The mountains, rivers, and beaches nearby. We have so much to see and do in our own back yard. My goal is to venture out and see new places that I have not seen yet.   I hope that you will find my site to be family friendly, positive, encouraging & fun!  Please visit often and leave your comments.  I would love to hear from you.

-Travel and fun destinations

-Camping in Washington and Oregon

-Foods, Dining and Entertainment

-Party ideas, party games

-Crafts, Arts and Galleries

-Ideas for fun, family-friendly, frugal events in the Vancouver area & other areas of the Northwest