How to remove scratches from your Candles

Here is a short video tutorial showing how to remove those nics and scratches from your candles. When making my alcohol ink candles, I like them to be smooth and free of scratches. This technique works really well. Hope you give it a try.

Virtual Makeover- Artistry

I wanted to share this link to Means Dream Developers. They have a link on the website that lets you do your own virtual makeover. The Artistry makeup is high quality, well known and is wonderful. I highly recommend you try it!   This is my Daughter’s website, and she is in a contest for the month of October to sell the most Artistry.  So have fun with the virtual makeover, and help support her by trying out the Artistry makeup.

artistry virtual makeover



Go to Virtual Makeover Click here   then click on Beauty under the headings.

TV Tray Ironing board

I came across this blog today by  Elizabeth Green-Hartman that  showed how to make  a TV Tray Pressing Board with a  Tutorial.   I just had to share it.  This is such a great idea.  I have been using a table top ironing board that I sit on top of two tubs next to my sewing table.  So I am going to make one of these.   Ill post pics as soon as I get mine done.


Hope you enjoy and get inspired by this.


Here is a link to Elizabeth Green_Hartmans Tutorial  : Go to Tutorial




Canning Tomatoes


All my tomatoes started to ripen all at once. I had to act quick on what I was going to do with them all.  You can only eat so many tomatoes at one time.  I decided that I should can them.  I only planted 4 tomato plants, not thinking they would produce as many tomatoes as they have.  This is my first attempt at canning tomatoes, so I was not sure how hard or time consuming it was going to be.

Tomatoes ready for canning

First I found  instructions on the web on how to can the darn tomatoes.  I found lots of good instructions and really  it is quite easy to can tomatoes.  If you par boil your tomatoes first, the peelings come right off.  Pack your jars, ad a little lemon juice and a tad bit of sugar.  Boil your lids and put them into the jars.  Then Just boil them covered in water for about 50 minutes.  I used pint jars.


Canned Tomatoes


My finished tomatoes all canned.  How fun it was!   I just love the look of home canned goods. So far this is the only thing that I have canned this year.  My son and Daughter-in-law have canned a ton of stuff.  They gave me Carrots, beans, beets,peaches,pickles,raspberry jam, marion berry jam, and peach jam.  I feel so blessed and I just love how all the pretty jars look.

They will be getting some of my Tomatoes.  I hope they like them.


Just looking at all these pretty jars and to think I only did tomatoes.  I know how much work went into preparing all these wonderful canned goods.




The Everything Tea Clutch Wallet by

Wow, it’s already August 30th.. Where has summer gone? This past month I

have been busy with projects for my upcoming Christmas Craft fairs.

One item I’m making is the everything Tea Clutch Wallet.

The Everything Tea Clutch Wallet by

The Everything Tea Clutch Wallet by

The Everything Tea Clutch Wallet is the perfect way to carry your favorite tea bags with you. No more crushed tea bags in the bottom of your purse, or emptying the entire contents of your purse trying to find the tea bags.  Use it for travel or for everyday.


I have designed my tea clutch wallets to hold tea bags, but it’s much more than that.

It has a variety of uses such as- holding sugar packets, wet naps, sweeteners, condiments, hand sanitizer packs, drink mixes and yes it will even hold condoms (nice discreet way to carry them)


The Everything Tea Clutch Wallet by


The Tea Clutch Wallet includes 4 pockets and folds into a nice size wallet.  It closes with Velcro for easy opening and closing.



The Tea Clutch Wallet  measurements are approx. 5.5″ x 3″ when closed


I have prepared a pattern and tutorial that will be available soon.  So be sure to check back soon.   These are very easy to make, and would make a wonderful  product for your next craft fair.


You can also purchase my tea wallets from Etsy store at: Terripoppinscrafts


Resin Tile Pendants

So I just poured my resin on these cute tiles I made.  I just love how cute the fabric turns out on them.

Just poured Resin

summertime fun with the watermelon and ants.



Resin Tile Pendants in the making

Here are few of the ones I’m just starting to make .  Love the puzzle pieces.


More Resin Jewelry Pendants

Resin Tile Pendants

Some of the cute Resin Tile Pendants Iv been making.  I am so pleased with how they turned out.  I will be listing them up on my etsy account in the next couple days.

Blueberry Picking at Majestic Farms in Brush Prairie, Washington.

It’s U-pick berry season. Today we  got up early and headed out to Majestic Farms in Brush Prairie Washington to pick our own fresh Blueberries.    I love this time of year.  Strawberries, Raspberries, Marion berries and blueberries.  It is very cost effective to pick your own berries and  a great activity for the whole family.   I recommend going fairly early in the day if the weather is going to be warm.


Blueberries picked from Majestic Farms in Brush Prairie Washington

my son, Daughter-in-law , hubby and I all pitched in and  picked 24lbs .  This bucket held 19lbs.


I took coffee containers and attached some webbing so we could wear them around our necks while we picked.  This way it freed up both your hands and you can pick faster.  My son and daughter-in-law were not too taken with the idea of using them. But hubby and I liked them.  When I was very young back in my berry picking days- we used tin coffee cans that had strings attached to each side, and we tied them around our neck.  So it brought back some memories of how I used to pick when I was a child.

Make sure to bring buckets also to put your blueberries in.   Most farms supply you buckets to pick in, but then you half to give them back and your berries usually end up in a bag.  So I find it easier to bring your own bucket.

If you happen to be picking raspberries, I highly recommend that you bring a flat box.  They are very delicate and will be all smashed by the time you get home if left in a bucket.


Blueberry Trees


Majestic Farms Blueberries

Majestic Farms is one of the largest ( 10 acres ), friendliest, cleanest and well known U-Pick Blueberry Farms in the Vancouver / Portland area.

Here is a link to their website  Majestic Farms



18500 NE 182nd Ave.
Brush Prairie, WA 98606

Coming from Camas/Washougal or southeast Vancouver – come north on 164 / 162nd Avenue to Ward Road.  Turn right on Ward, Ward will become 182nd Avenue.  Continue north on 182nd. Ave to 184th ST.  We are on the LEFT side of the road about 1.3 mile past Hockinson Market. Look for the BLUE flags on the fence.

From west side – get onto Padden Parkway and follow east.  Padden will become Ward, Ward will become 182nd Avenue.  Proceed on 182nd as above.

From I-5 North – take 179th (Fairgrounds exit ) – follow North on 10th Ave. Turn right at Shorty’s onto 199th street / Eaton Blvd. and follow thu S curves, farm is  1/4 mile on right.

OR   take new 219thSt exist ( Battleground )- turn right  onto Parkway Ave then left onto 199th street / Eaton Blvd. follow thru S curves, farm is 1/4 mile on right after the 3 curves.

Look for the blue flags on the fence and you’ll know you have arrived!




YouTube Preview Image

Flower Pots Made from Recycled Plastic Coffee Containers

I am so happy to see the warmer weather.  It get’s me motivated to get up and be more active.  It’s time to start planting all those wonderful flowers and get your vegetable gardens started.

I have been collecting  plastic coffee cans for sometime now, and decided that they would make wonderful upcycled planters.  I hope you like how they turned out.


Planter Pot from Upcycled Plastic Coffee Can

I used a variety of different objects from pinecones, driftwood, river rock, decorative stones and moss.


Learn how to make one- go to my tutorial page.   Flower Pots made from recycled plastic coffee containers


Resin Jewelry

I have discovered the wonderful world of Resin.  So many uses for it.  For the past month I have been designing and making Altered Jewelry.

I start by taking my own art work as a backdrop for the jewelry.  I use the same techniques that I use for my art tiles.  Then I start giving it a dimensional look by adding all sorts of Jewelry findings I have. I really like the way some of them turned out.


Resin Jewelry

Jewelry Pendant -Art Resin Three Demensional
Jewelry Pendant -Art Resin Three Demensional Jewelry Pendant -Art Resin Three Demensional Jewelry Pendant -Art Resin Three Demensional

Here I have hand created a beautiful one of a kind Stylish Jewelry Pendant that is truly a work of art.

Pendant backgrounds are hand created in my own Original Abstract Art Work. These are not printed designs. Each one is hand created and then sealed.

I then use unique jewelry and other findings in my work that add dimension and creativity giving it a nice up-cycle approach to my art pieces. The Bezel is then filled with a high gloss epoxy resin that protects and enhances the images.

Some of my art pendants have a three dimensional design, and findings will be set above the resin as well as below. But each piece is completely set into the bezel.

Pendant Measures 2” long x 1” wide
Bezel is Silver Toned

When possible I take all photos of my art jewelry in natural light to convey colors as accurately as possible. Monitor settings and light play a big role in the viewing of these pendants so the colors may appear different in person.

Here are a few pics of pieces that are up for sale in my Etsy Store.





Please take a look at my etsy shop for more of my Resin Art



Valentine Treasure Box


Here is my latest up-cylced Cigar box turned Valentine Treasure Box.  I simply used an old Christmas Stocking to cover the box.


Click here for Tutorial