Danish Paper Heart Baskets- Made from recyled soda boxes

I say you’re never to old to make and give Valentines. Lets spread a little love this year, and have some fun making and giving out our own Valentines.

I have discovered that recycled soda boxes make excellent Danish Paper Heart baskets. These are so much fun to make, and you can really get fancy and embellish them with all sorts of fun stuff, or leave them completed with just using the recycled soda box. If you’re like me, you will want to keep making more, just to see how they turn out. My husband is Danish, and one tradition that the Danes have is making Danish paper Hearts for the Christmas Holidays. I had done that so many times, and wanted to try something new with it for Valentines Day. This is what I came up with.

Take your favorite empty soda box (I happen to use one’s that have a lot of red and white color to them) and trace the template onto the backside of the box. You will need to cut two templates to make one completed heart basket. Now fold the cut templates in half, and cut three even lines in each one. OK now your ready to weave your basket. Once completed you can fill these adorable baskets with candy, a cute card or perhaps a fancy heart cookie.

At the end of my tutorial you can download the template. I have included a few different options.



Start with an empty soda box



Beak the box apart at the seams and cut it down



Take your template that you have cut out, and use a little repositioning tape on the back of the template to hold it in place while tracing onto the Soda Box.



Trace your template- Remember you will need to cut two templates out to complete the Danish Paper Heart



Cut out your traced template



This is what you should have to start your Paper Heart.



Fold your templates in half as shown



Cut three or four strips into each of your template. Black line in pictures shows how far you should be cutting.



Now, lets start weaving the Paper heart together. This is step one



Step Two



Step Three



Step Four



Finished Heart basket.



Now add a little embellishment and wallah.. Just think of all the possibilities. Use you die cuts, your stamps, your ribbons and your glitters.. most of all have fun.

heart template word format

If you would like the template in another form please email me. I can send gsd, vsg, and corel draw

Here are a few of my finished hearts, I hope you enjoy and get a ton of inspiration to go out and be creative.

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