Alcohol Ink Ceramic Tiles

I have been gearing up for the holiday craft fairs.   Just wanted to share with you some of my creative Tiles I have been making.   I love using Alcohol Inks, and in making my tiles,   I have developed a creative way to move the inks without  the use of brushes or stamps. The inks are allowed to flow and blend to create some of the looks on my tiles. 

Ceramic Tiles using Alcohol Inks


Art Tiles created with Alcohol Ink by terripoppinscrafts




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  1. Hi Terry ,
    I would like to comment on your lovely tiles , I only discovered alcohol inks in dec 2011 and I like it very much,
    Its just very difficult to get all the stuff here as I live in Capetown south Africa, there are no people to give tuition here either but I am trying my hardest to discover a lot about it my self I have also tried to apply it with straws ,feathers and all sorts of other objects , I am not a natural artist but really like these inks the colours are just beatiful I am trying to sell some stuff at craft markets .
    I have also a love for our feathered friends as I have 2 cockatoos that keep me bussy ,if you can display some more of your alcohol creations it would be greatly appreciated
    greetings Betsy thomson

  2. Hey betsy – found a blog/video about making your own alcohol inks using Sharpie brand markers – basically use one ounce of 70% rubbing alcohol for each pen. Pull out the writing point, seperate the pen to access ink cartridge – split plastic from top to bottom to open up – cut into about 3 seperate sections and drop these pieces into the alcohol. Let this sit for awhile and there you have it!!! You can pour the solution into a small bottle or container. The blending solution they refer to is also mostly made from 70% isopropyl alcohol. Its a bit runnier but still works. Hope this helps!

    1. This sounds very interesting and I’m going to half to give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. We are in the same NE Wa area. I love your AI art & pinned it into my Pinterest site. I think we have a few things in common. Thank you for sharing your creative joy~

    1. Thanks so much for you kind comments. Do you also have a creative Blog?

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