Make your own Bubble mixture and The Majestic Bubble Wand

The Majestic Bubble Wand is hand crafted from durable almost indestructible plastic pvc tubing and capped off at each end. The strap is made from heavyweight fabric that is popular for outdoor use. It has excellent UV protection, low stretch and is resistant to mildew and rot. Its design allows users to create big billowing bubbles.


Bubbles have come a long way since I was a young child. Bubbles are not just for the younger kids anymore. We now have the means and the knowledge to blow big beautiful bubbles. Young and old alike can share in the fun and excitement of bubble making using The Majestic Bubble Wand. Get the whole family involved in the fun and buy more than one. Put away those little bubble bottles with those tiny wands, and really have some fun with our hand crafted Majestic Bubble wands. I must warn you it is very addicting and so much fun.

Now you can buy your own bubble mixture, or use one of the many bubble mixtures found today on the Internet. We include our very favorite bubble recipes for you to try out. We find that using own bubble mixture verses store bought works the best for the Majestic Bubble Wands. Be sure to check out our Bubble page full of recipes and Bubble making tips. Bubble making is very easy and quite inexpensive.

You can now make your very own super bubbles that can make some pretty huge bubbles.

Tips and Techniques to Making Super Bubbles with
Majestic Bubble Wand

1.Want stronger bubbles? Then Adding glycerin to your bubble solution makes bubbles stronger. Glycerin can be found in your local pharmacy. But I find that glycerin is expensive, and I prefer to use corn Syrup. I also add Baking soda.

2. If you have “Hard” water with lots of chemicals it is not good for making bubbles, Use distilled water that you buy at the grocery store.
3. It is best if you prepare your bubble solution in advance and let it sit overnight, as it will thicken. But I am very impatient usually and can’t wait. Go ahead and use it, it will still just fine.

4. Let the Majestic Bubble Wand soak in the bubble solution a few minutes prior to using.
5… Suds and foam are “bubble-breakers, try not to splash the wand around in the bubble solution
6 The best bubble blowing weather is on very overcast, cool and humid days. Try to Avoid hot, dry and windy days. Shady spots are best in hot days.
7. Remember that anything dry touching the bubbles with pop them. I usually dip my hands into the bubble solution and wipe my Bubble wand with it too. This also helps the ring slide up and down on the wand.


I had a blast using these bubble wands.  I have 5 nephews that spent countless hours playing with them.  They are quite reasonbly priced at only $7.50.  They were so easy to use.   Take a look at the website for more information about how to order them.


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