Bridal Shower Games

Oh the excitement of my daughter getting married. Being the mother of the bride, I was asked to provide a few of the shower games for her Bridal Shower.    I didn’t want just your average game that had been played so many times at other bridal showers.  After all this was my daughter’s shower.  So I had to do something special and fun, and this is one of the games I came up with.  Make a  Bride and Groom using animal balloons.  It was a hit and the ladies had a blast making them.

We divided the group into two teams.  We provided them with a bag of creative supplies they were allowed to use, and told them they had 20 minutes to design and create a bride and groom using only the supplies we gave them.  When they were finished we had the Bride to be pick the winning team.   We had enough prizes for each person on the winning team.

Here is a list of supplies I gave them.  Each bag contained the exact same thing.

Balloons – use animal balloons and normal balloons.

Balloon pump- this makes it easy for them to blow up the balloons.  I found mine at a party store.

Sissors- I used kids safety sissors – You can get these at the dollar store

construction paper- variety of colors.  I got mine at the dollar store.

crepe paper streamers- I used black and white

glue dots- these worked great

Permanent markers

Various colors of pipe cleaners


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