Valentine Heart Box

Here is a cute Valentine Heart box I designed to hold your favorite Valentine candy

I took a little different approach with my decorating, and used some pretty material I had laying around.  I used wonder-under and fused it to my card stock.  See my tutorial for complete instructions .

You can also use plain or printed cardstock for quick and easy Valentines.

Perhaps your kids would like to make some cute Valentines to hand out at school.    Let your kids cut, decorate and fill with candy.   Gather up some Valentine stamps, paints and glitter and let them get creative.  It is always so much fun to make your own Valentines.   I designed these to hold your favorite Valentine candy.  Your Kids  will be thrilled to hand these out on Valentines day.

So lets begin the tutorial:

First download my template and print onto the cardstock you have chosen. (This is the inside of the box) Card stock should be 8 1/2″ x 11″ standard paper.

Take a piece of wonder under or other fusible webbing, and fuse it to a piece of  8  1/2″ x 11″ cotton material.  Just follow the instructions on the fusible webbing.  I use Wonder under Fuseable webbing. Make sure to fuse  to the wrong side of material.

Lay your template on the side of material you fused, and turn it over so the material is right side up.

Iron your material right onto the template. I like to iron onto the material and not the card stock.

now that your material is fused onto the card stock, you can go ahead and cut out your template.  Be sure to use craft scissors 🙂

Well now I think we are ready to assemble- here we go…

I attached a pretty pink ribbon to my boxes, but you can certainly skip this part, if you don’t want a ribbon.    The tools I used were an eyelet setter and a hole punch setter.

Insert and set you eyelets.  Pull your flap over and include in first eyelet.  Then insert the second eyelet into side flap.

You can skip the eyelets if you want to.  I just happen to like the look of the eyelets.   Now string your ribbon through the eyelets.

I used a plastic baggie and cut it down to fit over the open heart on the front of the box.  I used mounting tape ( double sided).  I found that glue dots and runner tape did not work too well. Remember this is the back of the box, so be careful not to have too much overlapping, cause it will show.

The next few pictures will show you the sequence of gluing the box.  I did use hot glue for stability, but you could use a tape runner.

Notice that three end flaps are left after box has been glued together.

Fill your Heart Box with your favorite Valentine candy.  Wish I had some red hots.  But only had chocolate at the time I made these.  lol

Hot glue the two small side flaps.  These get attached to the heart.  Just fold the heart over and glue to the two flaps that fold outward.  The large flap is the last step, and is glued to the side of the box.

Pictures shows back of box.  I really like the way the box sits up.

And for the finishing touch…  I took some paper doilies that I purchased at the dollar store.   I cut off the lacy part, and glued it to the back of the heart.

I am still trying to figuring out how to upload GSD,SVG and Coreldraw files in wordpress, so t for now I have the file in word or pdf format so you can print it out.

Please remember:  This is my design and template and I ask that you respect my copyright to all images and templates.  All designs, pictures and templates are the property of .

If I provide you with templates to download, you may download and use them freely in your designs.  You may not in any way copy, distribute , sell or post my templates and designs at anytime.

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