Altered Cigar Box Valentine Tea Box




Cigar Box

Start with a wooden Cigar box.   Cigar boxes can be found at your local pipe and tabacco shops.   The shop I go to, sell their cigar boxes for only $1.00 for the paper cardboard ones, and $2.00 for the wooden one.   So they are pretty inexpensive.


Large Gift Bag from The Dollar Store

I went to the dollar store and purchased a large gift bag that had a design on the front and back of the bag.   With Valentines day in mine, I picked one with colors and a design I liked.   I used the bag and cardstock to decoupauge the box.


Measure Cigar Box

First thing to do is measure the top and sides of your cigar box. Be sure to measure just he lid section. You will need these measurements to cut your card stock with.


Card Stock

Cut your choice of card stock for the top and all sides of cigar box.

Elmers Glue to card stock


Apply Elmers or white glue to back

attach card stock to cigar box


Attach to cigar box.  ( note:  I removed the labels off the box before I glued the card stock on.)




Cut out a design you will want for the top of your box.  I used the large gift bag for my design.


Apply a generous amount of mod podge on back side and place on top of your box.  Then apply more mod podge to the topside.


Once the top has dried completely, continue to apply mod podge to all sides of the box.

Once the box has completely dried, use studs to decorate the top of the box along the sides.  I just used a hammer and gently hammered them into place.



To finish off my tea box, I added a rose china cup and two  tea bags that I placed inside decorative tea envelopes I made.




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