Flower Pots Made From Recylced Plastic Coffee Can

I am so happy to see the warmer weather.  It get’s me motivated to get up and be more active.  It’s time to start planting all those wonderful flowers and get your vegetable gardens started.

I have been collecting  plastic coffee cans for sometime now, and decided that they would make wonderful upcycled planters.  I hope you like how they turned out.


Planter Pot from Upcycled Plastic Coffee Can

I used a variety of different objects from pinecones, driftwood, river rock, decorative stones and moss.


Here is how I made them.



Collection of driftwood



Pine cones



Hot Glue Gun

Plastic Coffee Container

River Rocks

Cut Pinecones in half

Using utility scissors, cut your pinecones in half.

Cut Pinecones in Half

Start with a piece of driftwood and with your glue gun, attach to cover the indentation handle on the plastic coffee container.


Driftwood attached with glue gun


Pinecones attached with glue gun


Pinecones attached with glue gun

continue around the container adding pinescones and driftwood.  Place them as close as possible, but don’t worry too much about seeing the container between the cones.  You will be putting moss between the cones to hide the container.


Add some shells for a special look.


Moss attached with glue gun


I used moss that I picked up at the dollar store.  It worked great.  I preferred the look of moss over the Spanish Moss.  But Spanish Moss would work if you prefer that look.

Also from the dollar store I picked up a bag of river rocks.


Using your glue gun, run beads of glue into open spaces between your pinecones or driftwood and cover with moss.


This project took a few glue sticks to complete.  But it was pretty inexpensive to make.

I went to a nearby park and collected the pinecones. I had driftwood that I had collected from the beach, and I had the coffee containers.

I only paid about $3.00 at the dollar store for glue, moss and glue sticks.

studs attached with hammer

I also hammered in some studs into the driftwood for an added bling touch.

finished planter


finished planter

2nd planter I did.  I added a glittered hummingbird.


I have not planted anything yet, and I will post pictures soon.


I recommend that you poke drainage holes in the bottom, or put rocks in for drainage.



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