Blueberry Picking at Majestic Farms in Brush Prairie Washington

It’s U-pick berry season. Today we  got up early and headed out to Majestic Farms in Brush Prairie Washington to pick our own fresh Blueberries.    I love this time of year.  Strawberries, Raspberries, Marion berries and blueberries.  It is very cost effective to pick your own berries and  a great activity for the whole family.   I recommend going fairly early in the day if the weather is going to be warm.


Blueberries picked from Majestic Farms in Brush Prairie Washington

my son, Daughter-in-law , hubby and I all pitched in and  picked 24lbs .  This bucket held 19lbs.


I took coffee containers and attached some webbing so we could wear them around our necks while we picked.  This way it freed up both your hands and you can pick faster.  My son and daughter-in-law were not too taken with the idea of using them. But hubby and I liked them.  When I was very young back in my berry picking days- we used tin coffee cans that had strings attached to each side, and we tied them around our neck.  So it brought back some memories of how I used to pick when I was a child.

Make sure to bring buckets also to put your blueberries in.   Most farms supply you buckets to pick in, but then you half to give them back and your berries usually end up in a bag.  So I find it easier to bring your own bucket.

If you happen to be picking raspberries, I highly recommend that you bring a flat box.  They are very delicate and will be all smashed by the time you get home if left in a bucket.


Blueberry Trees


Majestic Farms Blueberries

Majestic Farms is one of the largest ( 10 acres ), friendliest, cleanest and well known U-Pick Blueberry Farms in the Vancouver / Portland area.

Here is a link to their website  Majestic Farms



18500 NE 182nd Ave.
Brush Prairie, WA 98606

Coming from Camas/Washougal or southeast Vancouver – come north on 164 / 162nd Avenue to Ward Road.  Turn right on Ward, Ward will become 182nd Avenue.  Continue north on 182nd. Ave to 184th ST.  We are on the LEFT side of the road about 1.3 mile past Hockinson Market. Look for the BLUE flags on the fence.

From west side – get onto Padden Parkway and follow east.  Padden will become Ward, Ward will become 182nd Avenue.  Proceed on 182nd as above.

From I-5 North – take 179th (Fairgrounds exit ) – follow North on 10th Ave. Turn right at Shorty’s onto 199th street / Eaton Blvd. and follow thu S curves, farm is  1/4 mile on right.

OR   take new 219thSt exist ( Battleground )- turn right  onto Parkway Ave then left onto 199th street / Eaton Blvd. follow thru S curves, farm is 1/4 mile on right after the 3 curves.

Look for the blue flags on the fence and you’ll know you have arrived!




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