I love taking pictures and working with adobe elements.  I love nature and birds, and you will find me taking  many pictures while out walking with my hubby.   I needed a place to express my creativity and share, so I hope you enjoy!



Our dog Sarah, she was with us for 14 years.  Full of life and love.  We surely miss her.   Here I have played around with adobe and watermarking my pics.  Hubby thinks the pic looks a little haunting.


Please respect the copyright of my photos, and do no copy, print or publish on any website.



Thistle 12-13-2012

While on our drive through the Ridgefield National Refuge, Brian and I saw these Thistle’s. I had never seen them with greenery on them before. We thought they were quite interesting. I researched them on the net, and nothing really came up. One other person from Gresham Oregon posted a pic similar, and thought that they might be seedlings that had not fallen off, but she was not sure either. I think I captured their beauty in a way I have never seen thistle before.



Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

Some of the wetlands around the refuge. This was taken on December 31, 2012.



Same wetland at the Ridgefield refuge, but taken in May 2012. The water was this very bright pink. Just beautiful. It is caused by some sort of algae.





Washougal Dike along the Columbia River


Dragonfly taken at Steamboat landin

Captured this Dragonfly landing on a driftwood log, down at cottonwood beach. First time I had ever seen one that was just sitting still.

Turtles at Steigerwald lake

On one of our walks through Steigerwald, we captured these turtles all lining up to get onto the log out of the water.



Lacamas Lake



Bee’s Nest, taken on our hike through Steigerwald


Lacamas Lake


Eagles nest at Steigerwald National Wildlife refuge

This was taken this summer 2012 while on one of our walks through the Steigerwald National Wildlife refuge.




Bridge crossing Gibbons creek -Steigerwald 2012

More turtles – Steigerwald



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