Create Your Own Custom Fabric Labels

I discovered a wonderful product by Blumenthal Lansing. It is Crafters Images 100-Percent Cotton Twill, 8-1/2-Inch by 100-Inch Roll Photo Fabric. It is very easy to use,  and works great to custom design and make your own fabric sewing labels. 20150328_174023

I actually came across this gem of an item at a 2nd hand store.  I didn’t know what it was at the time I bought it, but us crafty people always seem to pick up stuff we think we might need later on.   And as it turns out, it works great for this process.  I also did some research on Amazon for this product, and it runs about 18.00.  I would guess that your local craft store might also have this in stock.



So to begin this process, start by cutting a 81/2″ x 11″ sheet from the photo fabric.  This is just the right size to go through your printer feed.  The  fabric has a backing that makes it really easy to feed.   I used my inkjet printer and had no problems at all.

001 print on photo fabric

I created my labels using corel draw.  The labels I created  are 3 inches x 1 inch.  This seemed to work well when placing on a 4 inch x 1 inch piece of ribbon.  I was able to fit 20 labels on one sheet of paper. No worries if you don’t have corel draw, just use a program that works best for you.  Perhaps microsoft word, using a label template might work.


After printing is complete peel off the paper backing.  Place right side down on your ironing board.


002 peel off backing   003 place right side down











Now you will need to attach some fusible webbing to the back, I used wonder-under and ironed according to instructions.



004 wonder under




Iron according to instructions.  I happen to use a craft iron, fusible  webbing can and will muck up the bottom of your iron.  If that does happen, you can let the iron cool completely and use some rubbing alcohol to clean the bottom.  I try to cut the webbing a bit shorter than the fabric I’m ironing onto to so that does not happen.


009 iron label


Prepare the ribbon you will be using.  I used a good quality thick ribbon. I cut my ribbon into 4″ x 1″ strips.


005 cut ribbon


Cut out your labels, I keep the fusible webbing backing in place until I am ready to apply it to my ribbon.


006 cut out label




Now take your label and peel the fusible webbing back off and place it in the middle of your ribbon.  This will give you room to fold it in half and leave about an inch at the top for sewing into your projects.

007 peel off back of lable


008 place label on ribbon


Iron label onto ribbon and your done.

009 iron label



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